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28-12-2015 - Stations are Gradually to be Exposed along with Progress of LRT Taipa Line
28-12-2015 - Footbridge of LRT Stations are Being Gradually Constructed
26-10-2015 - Gradually Making Room for Lane Space along with Progress of the LRT Construction
26-10-2015 - LRT Viaduct is constructed in the Green Belt to Enhance Traffic Flow
31-07-2015 - Journal Article:“Connected Mobility: On Track and Online when on the Move” by Tdhrail “The Asian Railway Magazine 2015”
31-07-2015 - Journal Article: Evolution and Future of Metro Technology by Tdhrail “The Asian Railway Magazine 2015”
31-07-2015 - Journal Article:“Trends in Railway asset management from the Operator and the Suppliers’ perspectives” by Tdhrail “The Asian Railway Magazine 2015”
29-12-2014 - The Introduction of Trussed Hoisting of Bridge Deck to Accelerate Light Rapid Transit Construction
29-12-2014 - The Wide Application of Box Girder Structure for Light Rapid Transit Viaducts in Rapid Transit Construction
25-08-2014 - LRT Northern Section Introduction - LRT Projects are monitored by independent environmental units
14-08-2014 - LRT Northern Section Introduction ─ Mature Driverless LRT System
12-08-2014 - LRT Northern Section Introduction ─ Comparison of Mass Transit Systems
30-06-2014 - Introduction of environmental assessment to build environment-friendly good-quality LRT system
30-06-2014 - Multiple supervisions to implement the environmentally friendly construction in LRT project
14-04-2014 - The advantageous prestressed LRT viaducts achieve harmonious synergy with the surrounding environment
14-04-2014 - Multiple tests are conducted on 100-Year Concrete of LRT Viaduct to guarantee durability
10-02-2014 - LRT viaduct adopts precast construction method to increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact
10-02-2014 - LRT construction is given greater flexibility in the use of lifting precast parts
14-10-2013 - Zero-emission LRT trains save energy and provide green travel environment
14-10-2013 - Green and simple LRT stations to match with the environment
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