Introduction to department

The new large-scale entertainment projects and activities caused a rapid growth in the Tourism & Hospitality Industries; and these also push forward the increase in number of tourists, local residents and vehicles. These signify Macao’s need for a high-capacity and multi-modal public transportation system, and also an excellent road network, to satisfy the demand for a more flexible and swift transportation network.
The Macao SAR Government established the Transportation Infrastructure Office (GIT) on 1st November 2007, to promote the modernization and effectiveness of the road infrastructure, and also the Macao Light Rapid Transit (LRT) system.

Our Vision
Transportation Infrastructure Office is committed to facilitating the modernization of road transport infrastructure and the establishment of the Light Rapid Transit System in Macao Special Administrative Region, in order to improve the traffic and quality of living for people in Macao, promote the integration of the Pearl River Delta Region, and ensure a sustainable development for Macao’s society and economy.

Our Goals

  • To develop the LRT into a basic transport infrastructure that is able to solve Macao’s local transport problems in medium or long run;
  • To connect Macao with the intercity rapid transit network effectively through the establishment of LRT;
  • To provide a comfortable and effective means of transport to both residents and visitors so as to promote modernization of Macao.

Our Mission

  • To Abide by the laws and administrative guidelines of the Macao Special Administrative Region and to be dedicated to higher priority to public transportation;
  • To facilitate and coordinate so as to implement the Macao Light Rail Transit System;
  • To carry on the “people-oriented” spirit and be devoted to providing a “convenient, eco-friendly and accessible” and public transportation system.